Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Santa Mirror Morph

Very tricky to work with it and sometimes not work properly...I'm working on a new a one...

Download Script

Download Help

Must Read Before use

Video Tutorial (Need DivX Player)(right click "save target as" )

3DsMaxVersion: 7.0 and 7.0+

Help you to create mirror morph target like left sneer to right sneer. After using 3dsMax's default mirror tool you cannot use the model as morph target(mirroring will not affect the morpher). You can use this script to mirror the morph targets ( basically for creating left eye brow up right eyebrow up etc.) Copy the target what you want to mirror. pick the head and copied target object. click the mirror button to create mirror morph

Now only for polygon morpher modeling. Before do the process delete all modifiers from Target and main head ( Turbo smooth, Mesh Smooth etc.). Maintain the work Flow for asymmetrical structure ( see the attached help Pdf,Video Demonstration and readme first). Please report bugs and additional requirements, if any, to , subject: santa Mirror Morph.